Numbers by David E. McAdams


Numbers introduces young readers to the basic concepts of numbers:

  • Numbers tell us how many, how long, how far.
  • We can tell how many by counting.
  • There are small numbers and large numbers.
  • Nothing has a number - zero.
  • Numbers can be written with digits or letters.
  • Numbers help us understand our world.

Numbers is one of a series of books that increase math literacy of primary school students. Introducing students to the words and concepts of mathematics increases their ability to understand the principles of math.

As a professional math teacher, Mr. McAdams quickly realized that math literacy of high school students could be improved by an increased focus on the acquisition of math vocabulary. However, he found that math vocabulary resources were sadly deficient. Committed to improving the math teaching environment, he has spent many years developing these math literacy tools for children and teenagers. Numbers is his first contribution for young readers.


$11.95Numbers. Color on white paper. 42 pages (some languages vary). Paperback.978-1632700575