Parrot Colors by David E. McAdams

Parrot Colors

As a grandfather to nine, I've read many books about color to toddlers and young children. In a word: boring. There is so much form and color in this world that cartoonish drawings do not communicate. So, I asked myself, "What in the world has enough primary colors to teach little ones?" My answer was either frogs or parrots.

Then, I stumbled upon "Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets" by François Levaillant. The images were astounding. I had found the perfect medium for teaching colors to children everywhere. I hope you enjoy reading this book to your little ones. I certainly do.

David E. McAdams is the father of eight children, and grandfather of nine and counting. He thoroughly enjoys his grandchildren and likes to spend time reading to them. His main hobby is mathematics, and he has written several children's books on the subject. This book is a brief side trip into the wonderful world of natural color.


$11.95Parrot Colors. Full color on white paper. 34-36 pages. Paperback.978-1493629930
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